Process of ordering products in

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I want to buy a digital camera. So I go to the Amazon site. But I can not get it. I don’t know why but I can not get it. They send me a message there always. But there is no way to deliver me the best. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Why I am unable to get my product from amazon? What is the process to get the product?

Please send me your suggestion.

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Process of ordering products in


Hello dear,

Amazon is the most renowned site to sell products. You need to choose a product carefully as well as give them correct information there. Without your all required information this site cannot give you the desired product of yours. You don’t specify what the error of yours is. What is the message they sent you? There may be various problems in buying products. Your profile may be not completed to enough to buy their product.

You may be not verified to buy. Your payment method may be not accepted by . The product which you want to buy may be not available in your region or your given address. If you want to get help here than specify the problem occurred to you there. You can contact them; you can Google search to find the proper way to order a product from Amazon.

Amazon is the most selling website in the world so you should not face any problem there without any of your wrong information. So be careful to choose a product and about your profile.

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Process of ordering products in


Dear Russel Nesson,

Ordering at is so much easier. To place an order with , you have to create a user account first.

1. Creating an account is the most important matter of placing an order with Steps of creating an account are as easy as follows:

  • Enter your mail address ( will send all information about subsequent orders to this e-mail address).
  • Indicate that you are a new user.
  • Left the password field blank.
  • Click "Sign in" button.
  • Enter Your Name.
  • Re-entering your mail address.
  • Choose a Password (case sensitive) for your account.

2. After creating a user account you have to add a shipping address. Amazon will deliver your product at this address.

3. Then choose a shipping method considering how quickly you would like to receive your shipment. To receive free shipping, be sure to select it as your shipping method.

4. Next, let amazon know how you would like to pay. There are many possible ways to pay the bill like as : American Express, Visa, Visa Check Card, MasterCard, Payment through your bank account etc. If you want to pay with a credit card, enter the credit card number without spaces or dashes.

Now all the requirement for shopping with is done. So Let's go, start shopping.

In order to place an order, you have to browse or search your desired product first. If you know the specific details of your desired product, you can use detailed product-specific search in the top navigation bar.

After finding the product, click the "Add to shopping cart" button on the item's product detail page. Keep searching until your cart contains all the products you want to order. When you are ready to order, click "Proceed to checkout" button. You'll be taken to the first page of the order form.

Next, click the "Place your order" button to submit your order. Once you place your order, amazon will send you a confirmation mail.

Hope, now you can place your order with

But If you are having the problem, let me know what the error message says.

Happy Shopping.

Best regards,

Miraj Tasnim

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Process of ordering products in


Dear Russel Nesson,

Just simple way you can get product from The Process of ordering products in is given below:

1. Initial login by using email address and then choice of new customer option and continue.

Choice of new customer option and continue

2. Address registration by using phone number, city, and state. Zip code and country.

Address registration by using phone number

3. Selection of shipping and verification of order and address.

Choose your shipping options

4. Selection of payment methods

Selection of payment methods

5. Finally order confirmation.

Thanks and Regards,


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