Browsing Data on Old Hard Drives with RAID0

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I just found my old hard drives and I don’t know which of them are configured as RAID0 before.

Can I still move or transfer any data from those old hard drives even if I put them into an enclosure so that I can still browse any data because I don’t have any other motherboard that can run RAID0 or software installation of RAID0 for an on-board motherboard.

Do you have any ideas to make those hard drives work?

Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

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Browsing Data on Old Hard Drives with RAID0


Hello Abby Reed,

Your data on the hard drives will remain intact unless you formatted them or some malicious virus attacked the hard drives and therefore leading to the loss of the data. Ensure that you maintain the drives with care do not mess up or corrupt the ports because that will cause problems connecting the hard drives to the motherboard.

If you need to use the data on the hard drives, you can just connect to a personal computer so that you can access the data. I am hoping that you know how to connect the hard drives to the motherboard using the cables, and you know how to deal with jumpers in case the hard drives are IDE hard drives.

So do not panic of losing the data just because you have disconnected them from the computer.


Clair Charles


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Browsing Data on Old Hard Drives with RAID0


The data stored on those hard drives were written using RAID0 configuration which makes use of at least 2 hard drives and treats the 2 hard drives as a single hard drive and writes the data one hard drive after another as if it were in one platter.

Let’s say a movie was saved on these hard drives using RAID0, Some parts of the movie file will go to one hard drive and some other parts of the file will go to the second hard drive.

If the hard drives are read separately, the file would be seen as incomplete and the computer won’t be able to read it properly. Therefore, you need to have the hard drives setup as RAID0 still to be able to read the files in them, so putting one of them into an enclosure won’t work, both of them have to work together in RAID0 form.

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