Brief explanation about OS and Windows XP

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My professor told me to have a research about WINDOWS XP operating system. Can someone there help me to have a BRIEF well explained Introduction of OS and something about windows XP.

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Brief explanation about OS and Windows XP

This is a brief idea for Operating system. An operating system is the set of computer instructions, called computer program, that controls the allocation of computer hardware such as memory, disk, drives, printers, and CP and DVD drives, and provides the capability to communicate with the computer. The most popular and widely used operating system is Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows XP, the newest version of Microsoft Windows, allows you to easily communicate with and control your computer.
Example of OS is Windows XP, XP stands for Experience. Windows XP Professional is one version of windows. It succeeded Windows Me and among its best feature is its simplicity.
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Brief explanation about OS and Windows XP


An operating system or OS is a kind of program that runs on a computer and manages all other programs in the computer. The programs that run under the operating system are called applications or software. These applications make use of the operating system by doing requests for services through an API.

Users can directly interact with the operating system using its GUI or graphical user interface or a command language. An operating system can also be called system software which handles software resources and computer hardware and provides common services for programs. It is the main program or software that runs on the computer.

Microsoft Windows XP or simply Windows XP is a version of the Microsoft Windows desktop operating system for the computer or PC and is built on the Windows 2000 kernel. It brought a more personalized appearance to the desktop that allows end users to easily import or scan images, acquire or download music files from the internet as well as transfer them to a portable device.

Microsoft Windows XP is available in two editions: the Windows XP Home edition and the Windows XP Professional edition. Support for Windows XP had ended on April 8, 2014. Though you can continue using Windows XP after that date, the operating system or Windows XP may become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Microsoft Windows XP was released on August 24, 2001.

The operating system was more than 12 years old when they announced its end of support.

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