Blog has been rejected by adsense

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How do I add AdSense account on my blog sazzad-khan.blogspot. 

Three times the AdSense rejected my blog for terms and condition but I've no idea about it.

I need a solution.

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Blog has been rejected by adsense


Hi Sazzad,

Google does not accept every ask for Google AdSense consideration. But if you take treatment about some issue then ever ask for by you may accept type the search engine AdSense group. Here follows some invisible information to accept in The Google AdSense :

  • You should have an exclusive weblog with more than thousands of subjects.
  • Every subject should have contented no cost and clean.
  • You should not submit content product which is already released in other weblogs or websites.
  • Your weblog should have 100% British and you should prevent regional terminology in your site to get acceptance from the Google AdSense group.


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Blog has been rejected by adsense


It is very difficult to add Adsense in to the blog. If your blog is newly created than Google, will not consider it for Ad sense. 

They like lots of things, like how many times you have submitted one blog for absence. How is the old blog. How much traffic can come to blog.

What content is there. So for applying Adsense your blog should be at least 6 months old. You should have various good topics.

Good command over written skill etc.

Try to make a new blog, copy all data to the new blog and try then.

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