Best Windows 7 Edition for .NET Application Developer

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What are the different windows 7 editions and what is the best suit edition for .NET application developer?

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Best Windows 7 Edition for .NET Application Developer




Mainly there are 6 windows 7 edition released by Microsoft.

1.   Windows 7 starter

2.   Windows 7 home basic

3.   Windows 7 home premium

4.   Windows 7 professional

5.   Windows 7 enterprise

6.   Windows 7 ultimatum


Windows 7 professional and windows 7 ultimatum are the best one for .NET programming.

To run windows 7 ultimate you should have better hardware requirements and it will costly more than other windows 7 editions.


Thank you

John Major.

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Best Windows 7 Edition for .NET Application Developer



Hi Jack Hope,

Windows 7 has many editions: starter, home basic, home premium, professional, enterprise, and ultimate.

Windows 7 Starter: improve JumLists, Taskbar, support three simultaneous applications

Windows 7 Home Basic: support unlimited applications,advanced networking, and Mobility Center

Windows 7 Home Premium: has Aero Glass, support many media formatand media streaming, support multi-touch and recognitionofhandwriting

Windows 7 Professional: supportDomain Join, improve data protection by supportingnetwork backup and EFS (Encrypting File System), and support Location Aware Printing

Windows 7 Ultimateand Enterprise: support BitLocker, support DirectAccess  and BranchCache (Windows Server 2008 R2), and support AppLocker (lock unknownsoftware from running)

For .NET application developer, Windows 7 Ultimate is the best choice. Although Ultimate and Enterprise share the same features, Enterprise suite for companies,which have software assurance contract with Microsoft, through volume licensing, while Ultimate is for home users with individual license.

Hope this helps

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