Best Practices of Wireless Network Setups

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What are the best practices of a Wireless Network Setup?

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Best Practices of Wireless Network Setups


There are two ways to setup a wireless hotspot. You can try both setup and choose what is the best for you.

Setup 1: Through a router or a stand alone access point.

This one is pretty easy to do. You just have to enter the CD provided together with the hardware.

Simply follow all the steps that it is instructing you to do and your problem for a wireless setup will be done.

Setup 2: If you have wireless LAN card you can set it up already.

This is a good setup for those who don't need any wired connection and just want a wireless connection. There are many instructions available on the web and you can search for it. This is cost effective if you already have Wireless device to every PC that you will need to connect.

Also always remember to have Password that consist both numbers and letters to prevent unauthorized access.

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Best Practices of Wireless Network Setups



Wireless technology is increasingly altering the world creating new business opportunities.

But  there should be some important factors related to risk of security management.

Here I listed the process on how to make reliable wireless network with great security below:

1.  You must have a wireless network card  for all computers.

2. Connect your network with a high speed internet service provider.

3. Purchase a wireless router and install it.

After installing a wireless router, you should do the following-

1. You must change the network card settings.

2. You should keep 'ON' WiFi options of your Laptop.

Finally, if your network card matches the router information, you have done all perfectly.

Thank you for your question and let me know if you find any trouble there.

Good luck!

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