Best connection between software and hardware

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How we can make best possible connection in software and hardware?

Is AC3filter better option for it?

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Best connection between software and hardware


Ingridgonzalou, your question may be a bit tricky to be answered but is still solvable. The best possible connection between software and hardware can be made by that software you mentioned, AC3 filter.

This software is usually very efficient in the connection between software and hardware in that the codecs fit almost every vital components such as real-time audio decoding and processing.

This is because the software processes the audio streams, up-mixing capabilities, down-mixing and even the volume, equalizer and the output format of the sound. It also provides synchronization with time shift technology.

Currently, it has been found to have the best qualities for the audio and hardware connection, although it is usually mostly used for software purposes such as format converting, down/up-mixing capabilities and channel configuration.

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Best connection between software and hardware


The AC3Filter allows different media players to play movies or videos with DTS and AC3 audio tracks. It is a free high quality audio processor and decoder filter that is capable of processing whichever audio track.

The great deal of processing preferences permits the adjustment of the sound in virtually any way. It is very feasible to upmix whichever audio source to 6 channels and the filtering process can perform digital [SPDIF] and multi-channel output.

The AC3Filter is also capable of encoding whichever audio source to AC3 on-the-fly or very quickly and send over the SPDIF output to the receiver. You can also play “.wav” files that have AC3/DTS content that were ripped from any multi-channel audio CD without the need of converting the files first.

If you are interested on downloading AC3Filter, you can have it by visiting AC3Filter. The latest version that you should be downloading if you happen to have any previous versions of it is AC3Filter 2.5b.

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