Beeping Noise In Headphones Wont Stop?

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I recently upgraded a few things on my computer including the CPU.Now I have tried with three different styles of head phones but keep getting extra noise. It sounds like a long drawn out beep that will not quit. It does not seem to be software related as it is the same for each program.

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Beeping Noise In Headphones Wont Stop?


1) It might be the headphone jack. There may be dust inside it. Try cleaning it.


2) Mute speaker while using headphones.


For this Click on 'Speaker' icon on the Taskbar


Press 'Speaker' icon above Volume slider control


Click on the Levels tab in a new window that opens


Uncheck the 'PC Speaker' mute option


3) Another option is, disable power beep


Press F2 or go to 'Configuration'


Find 'Power beep' option and 'disable' it


Save changes.


May it help!


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