Be ready when enterprise cloud servers will suffer downtime

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As experts said that cloud servers will eventually suffer downtime,

What are the possible precautions needed to avoid this risk from happening in the future?

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Be ready when enterprise cloud servers will suffer downtime



Nothing in IT seems to be already perfected, that’s why continuous research and development are being made always in every field of it. Cloud computing/servers also suffers in malfunctions at some point having these so called DOWNTIMES, but as always, these are inevitable at we might not have a cure for unprecedented circumstances.

Experts are on their way perfecting these cloud servers and creating several back-ups and mirroring and other redundancy giving availability of services to different regions availability zones in their coverage to give good satisfactory ratings from their clients.

But at least, we can have our own contingency plan in case of downtime, that we should have our own copy of our files in our own hard drives and keeping our computer with an equivalent software to use if ever.

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