Battery is getting very hot of Droid 2

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Battery of my Droid 2, when got low, was plugged into my USB port on my computer. After twenty minutes, the phone became hot like anything. The battery was at 1%  when I connected to USB and it was 28% when I plugged it out. Any ideas?

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Battery is getting very hot of Droid 2

Try plugging in another charger if one is available and see if the issue persist. If the charger is defective you can process you should discard immediately or process for a warranty return if still under warranty.
Remove the battery door and battery from the device, inspect the battery and battery connections. Ensure there is no damaged to the battery, battery pins or contacts on the device. If you have damage to the battery or charging pins, please discontinue use and submit the phone for repair. 
Check to ensure the battery and charger are Motorola Original Equipment. While other 3rd party batteries and chargers may fit the device, they have not been certified and tested to Motorola's high standards and could damage your device. 
Inspect the phone to ensure there is no signs of liquid damaged that may have damaged the electronics in the phone.
If there are signs of liquid damage please remove the battery from the device and seek a replacement unit from your authorized carrier. It is important to note that Liquid Damage is not covered under the Motorola Limited Warranty and that phones that have experienced liquid damage will not be repaired and will be returned by un-repaired. 

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