Basics for Quality Assurance testing

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What are the basic manual testing methods? What is Black box testing? is it really important? Is there such thing as Perfect Site?

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Basics for Quality Assurance testing

Hi Anonymous,
There are several ways on how to do manual testing, You must have this people:
1. Test engineer – Has a 'test to break' attitude, an ability to take the point of view of the customer, a strong desire for quality, and an attention to detail
2. QA engineer – It has to be a good tester for a QA engineer. They must be able to understand the entire software development process and how it can fit into business approach and goals for each organization.
3. QA manager – It should be familiar with the software  and development process.
This are the steps are needed to develop and run software test?  
1. Functional design, obtain requirements and internal design specifications and other necessary documents 
2.  Schedule requirements and Budget 
3.  They should know the project-related personnel and their responsibilities, reporting requirements, required standards and processes (such as release processes etc.). 
4.  Identify the higher-risk aspects application process, determine scope and limitation and set priorities.
5.  Determine unit, integration, function, system , usability and load test approaches and methods – tests, etc. 
6.  You should determine the test environment requirements (hardware, software, etc.).  
7.  Identify tasks, those responsible for tasks, and labor requirements. 
8.  Set schedule estimates, timelines, milestones 
9.  Prepare the test plan document and have reviews
10. Perform the input equivalence classes, boundary value analysis, error classes  
11.  Need to reviews/inspections/approvals of test cases 
12.  Be ready to test environment and testware, obtain needed user manuals/reference documents/configuration guides/installation guides, set up test tracking processes, set up logging and archiving processes.
13.  Install software releases 
14.  Done Perform tests 
15. Evaluate and report results 
16. Track problems/bugs and fixes 
17.  Maintain and update test plans, test cases, test environment, and testware through life cycle 
Peter Hill
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Basics for Quality Assurance testing



So looks like you are now to Quality Assurance processes.

The meaning of manual testing is the testing a product manually.  

There are many types of testing processes in the industry. Some testing processes can change according to the product and the methodology that each company uses.

However the Test Plane and the Test Cases are the most important things in testing processes.  

Black box testing is a testing method. In their test only what is the output for the given input. We do not need to worry about the internal process. We only need to see how much the output satisfy the user end requirements.

And yes it is really important. Because this test is done as a end user. The final destination of the any project is to satisfy the end user requirements.

The thing we call as perfect means better than others. So there is no perfect site.


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