BANNED Status while browsing on Articles page

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Good day! I was browsing the articles from the Latest Posts, when I got an error message about my status – 'YOU ARE BANNED.' I have just created my account with TechyV. Although I can still go through the pages of the website I wonder what will be the implication of this? Can anyone explain to me please?

banned status message
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BANNED Status while browsing on Articles page


Hi Sigma!

Please review your activities in this site for the couple of hours/days prior to the error. Since you were banned, there is a possibility that you had violated some of the Terms and Conditions of Check and read it here If you did not violated any of these terms, make sure that your account was not been used by others. If it is, change your password if necessary. Take note that you can not rename your data once your login is created. 

If this is not the case, you can contact Techyv here The Administrator will try to answer your problem within five (5) hours.

Hope this will help you!

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BANNED Status while browsing on Articles page




Cause 1


The site may ban users to getting inside with the articles page due to the technical reasons and it will normally take 1hr to solve the problem. It also happened to me. When i contacted the admin and he said it will be gone after 1hr. The reason for this will be due to the upgrading of article section. Actually you can browse all other pages. It is just similar to the message "page under construction".


Cause 2


You may have disobeyed the rules and regulations of, posted any spam content, abusing peoples, using bad words also may result in ban.


Cause 3


The above shown picture clearly states that you are not currently logged in. The site may ban unregistered user preventing viewing articles due to their policies.



Happy browsing and a good day…

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