Is Backup and Restore Android application is useful for Sony users?

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As Indians have the tendency to buy new products during festivals, the smartphone market demanded more smartphone shipments. A recent research conducted say that majority of the Indian smartphone users’ change their phones within twelve to twenty four months. i.e., majority change their devices once in a year or once in two years. Is India growing very fast in Smartphone market?

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Is Backup and Restore Android application is useful for Sony users?


Hello Avery,

The smartphone market in India is booming day after day. There are some financial and technical reasons behind this booming. Just couple of years ago the smartphone market was covered by mobile giants like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson. The price was also high but facilities are not that much high enough if we compare with todays smartphone facilities. The reason of such high price in past is the absence of manufacturing units of handset companies in India. Now a days every handset manufacturer has there own production unit in India. Hence the import cost and additional cost related to handset import is not there, also now handset parts and Chipset are also manufactured in India. So production cost and assemble cost become very cheap for manufacturers in present time.

This is the financial reason for price reduction on smartphones. In recent time there are a couple of Indian companies also enter into the smartphone market with very cheap price smartphones and with lots of facilities. Now if users of smartphone get wide range of options and that is with a very cheap price too, then definitely the buying frequency will be increased. That is what happened in Indian smartphone market today. Companies like Micromax, Lava, Karbon are now selling smartphones with a lot of features that is equivalent to Sony, Blackberry smartphones functionality but with a very less price compare to them. So smartphone users buying behavior is became use and throw or use and sell. So in a nutshell this are reasons for booming smartphone market in India.


Derick Harris

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