Avid Media Composer Consistency Check Failure

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Hello people!

How do you turn off the Consistency Check while editing a clip sequence?

I want to put another clip into it, and this error is preventing me. I can't find the option to turn it off.

Does anyone know where it is?



AudioStreamReader :: Execut Frame SingleAsync()


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Avid Media Composer Consistency Check Failure


Hello Levina,

There may be a number of possible causes for that error. First I suspect it is due to executing a corrupt video clip which you will then have to redigitize for it to work.

Another possible cause could be that you are running an older version of MC, a case which I will advise that you uninstall and get the latest version and install it. Also try turning off all the audio layers and see if it solves the problem.

Otherwise the problem could be as a result of a software bug in the version you are using, so I will advise that you get a completely new version and install it and see how it works for you.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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Avid Media Composer Consistency Check Failure



I believe with the given solution you may be able to resolve the problem you are facing.

You can divide the file into smaller segments and try to export them. Choose half the timeline and then proceed.

You may observe that when you export the first one, no problem is encountered. But when you go for the next one the same error pops up which you were facing earlier.

What you can do is further divide the segments in half and proceed as earlier and you won’t face the problem.

When the timeline segment becomes small enough, you can try to zoom in to get down to frame level.

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Avid Media Composer Consistency Check Failure


That’s not the usual error you get when the problem is with the video you are editing. That error seems to be coming from the system of Avid Media Composer itself. If there is a problem with the video or audio of the media you are editing, there is usually no error thrown while editing.

You will only see the problem once you save it and played back the output video. If you’ve been using Avid Media Composer for a while and you haven’t reinstalled or updated it, try reinstalling the program. That error could be a problem in the program itself probably one of its files got corrupted. Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware and unpack using 7-Zip.

Use the supplied password to unpack. Once unpacked, run the installer to install Revo Uninstaller. Once installed, start Revo Uninstaller and then use it to uninstall Avid Media Composer. Once it is removed, open your web browser and go to CCleaner Free Download then download and install CCleaner. Once installed, start CCleaner and clean your system. Restart your computer afterwards.

After booting, install Avid Media Composer back and see if it works. To register CCleaner, download CCleaner Registration Codes. Use the supplied password to unpack. Once unpacked, open “license-keys_readme.txt” with Notepad and follow the instructions to register CCleaner.

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