Avast! Antivirus it totally irritating me.

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The worldwide accepted antivirus, Avast may be a boon for many of its happy users but I am way too much irritated with it since a few days ago. I had inserted one of my friends USB Pen drive in my PC and since then it always says “Malicious file found” even if the computer is ideal. Why does it happen? And if I leave my pc scanning the antivirus is not able to locate any malicious files. How to fix this?

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Avast! Antivirus it totally irritating me.


You have not mentioned whether you are using purchased version, pirated version or free trial…

Any ways do as following

1) Uninstall any other antivirus if you have installed in the same system. (You can check this from control panel-add/remove programs) 

2) Check the antivirus database being updated regularly? If not update it.

3) Full scan it once 

4) Whenever the virus message appears it would ask for fixing it (delete or quarantine it) so fix it. Don’t leave it as it is.

5) There is option of sending virus database to the company for further solution and analysis so do it if it’s not being deleted or you are not able to do anything on it.

6) Finally if all the above things fail re-install the antivirus


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