AudioIT error Line 0 (File “C:Program FilesVirtualDJrunVDJ.exe”):

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My sister gave me her laptop Toshiba windows XP pro. On it I have installed Virtual DJ home. A few days ago my laptop shut down (my battery was low). When battery was recharged after starting up laptop I’ve received error message. How can I fix this problem? Any suggestions are welcome.

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AutoIt Error

Line 0 (File “C:Program FilesVirtualDJrunVDJ.exe”):

$Line = _StringToHex( StringStripWS($aRecords[&x], 3) )

$Line = _StringToHex( StringStripWS($aRecords[^ ERROR

Error: Array variable subscript badly formatted.


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AudioIT error Line 0 (File “C:Program FilesVirtualDJrunVDJ.exe”):



Run the Virtual Dj home from direct path.Go to drive C then go to program files and open the folder Virtual Dj folder and run it from there.
If it still shows the same error then what you have to do is first install version 5 and then if you do not have an XML database file you have to rename your existing Database file.Now check it will surely run then go back and run VDJ.exe application
If you got the same error then the folder must be corrupted,its not working because some files has been corrupted from the current installation,you have to reinstall the Virtual Dj.

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