Attracting users in my web page using forms and using it

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I want to create a new web page that can attract any visitor. Can you tell me what is form? What are the benefits of using it? What the form elements and its attributes that we can use? Can you show me how to implement the form in a web page in HTML/HTML5? Can you show me also how to insert caption? Show me how to change the value and or set value. Can I do the same process in hiding passwords in my forms? Your answer will be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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Attracting users in my web page using forms and using it


Hello Angela!

Forms are used in web pages to provide space for the users to enter specific data. The benefits of using it is that the web pages become more dynamic, user-friendly and interactive.

Form Elements.

1.  <INPUT> – defines input field

       a.  TEXT – gives user chance to enter texts or characters or symbols.

       b.  PASSWORD – will hiding the actual appearance of your text for password.

2.  <TEXTAREA></TEXTAREA> – allows the user to enter free form texts.

Here is a sample of the web page tags and attributes that we can use to make forms in our web page.



Enter Username:<INPUT TYPE = "TEXT" NAME="username" SIZE="30" MAXLENGTH="28" VALUE="">


Enter Password:<INPUT TYPE = "PASSWORD" NAME="pass" SIZE="30" MAXLENGTH="28">


See on line to I used <br> twice to provide space before the phrase “Enter Password:”. Always remember to place label on what information of data you’re asking for before input tag. In the input tage, the TEXT type is used to let the webpage visitor to enter any character or symbol. In line 5, we set input type to “PASSWORD” to hide the actual appearance of the password. 

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