ASUS Gamer OSD doesn’t work

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Hello everyone,

I'd really appreciate any and all help I can get on getting ASUS Gamer OSD to work properly, am trying to record gameplay in games like Portal or TF2 and it's as if the program doesn't even work.

No video is ever recorded (no matter what I set the hotkey to) and when I go into properties I'm not even getting the full menu.

I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Is it just not able to work in an x64 environment?

I have a perfectly good app (albeit one that isn't working) with using ASUS's Gamer OSD.

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ASUS Gamer OSD doesn’t work


Hello Jolene B Just,

I understand your frustration about not being able to use GamerOSD. Please see if you have made the following changes.

Go to your Display Properties and select Advanced settings. You should find a tab marked ASUS.

Click on the tab and there you will find the setting GamerOSD, Enable it.

I hope that will make it work. Best regards.

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ASUS Gamer OSD doesn’t work


Dear Jolene,

Asus Gamer OSD is compatible with both x64 and x32 platforms of Windows.

You need to make sure to enable Asus OSD:

1. Open "Control Panel" and Choose "Display".

Open "Control Panel" and Choose "Display"

2. Choose "Change display settings".

Choose "Change display settings

3. Click on "Advanced settings".

Click on "Advanced settings"

4. Press "ASUS" tab.

Press "ASUS" tab

5. Make sure to check the little box next to "Enable ASUS OSD". You can also use the hotkey to enable it (CTRL + ALT + O).


If you want to try other in-game recording software, I'd recommend using Fraps.

Fraps Home Page

in-game recording software

1. You can change the directory where it saves the recorded video.

The default hotkey for capturing video is F9, While the game is running press F9 to record and press F9 again to stop recording.

running press F9 to record and press F9 again to stop recording

2. You can also take screenshots by pressing F10 while the game is running.

Take screenshots by pressing F10

Note that you can change the hotkeys to whatever you want.

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