Assistance with Pen and Touch CTH680 tablet and software

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I would like to ask few questions about Pen and Touch CTH680 tablet. I am planning to buy it next week. Can you give me information about this? Can you provide me the specifications of this device? What are the basic features of it and also the benefit of using it? How much is it now in the market? Can you give me information what could be the software that is included in its packaging? Can you give me information what are the materials used in developing it?

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Assistance with Pen and Touch CTH680 tablet and software


This is one of the most popular tablets from WACOM, its versatile and easy to use for starters. If you are a looking for a drawing electronic tablet pad this one is the best to start with. And the price is quite accessible in the market right now.

To clarify your concerns about this tablet:

  1. Specifications:
  • Comes with an active drawing area of 8.5 x 5.3 Inches which is big for a starter drawing tablet.
  • It's pen pressure is 1024 with the included pen, if you use a different plastic pen the drawing results can vary.

          2. Features and Benefits:

  • The most important feature is the drawing area that is big and will help the artist to perform more technical drawing without moving the hand too much.

          3. Market Price:

  • This tablet costs $199.99 at the official WACOM website and you can get it used for $150 at EBay.

          4. Software:

  • It doesn't come with any CD or Driver but if you need a software to store drawings WACOM offers one on their website.

          5. Product Materials:

  • Most of the WACOMS tablets are made of plastic and some metals, the drawing pen is made of a special and strong plastic to resist workmanship


Here you can see some recent actual images of this drawing tablet:




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