Article and press release directory

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I want to know about article and press release directory. What’s the difference between article and press release? Are they effective for marketing? Please let me know.

Thank you.

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Article and press release directory


Article submission in article directory site and press release site both are effective for marketing.

These are really essential to promote something.

While you are especially explain a thing concerning the company then press release is the
better information media. Other prudent article is employed for any information
on the merchandise in addition to company. Nevertheless usually inside the
article one particular cannot straight publicize concerning the company where
as in press release you possibly can provide company name and can produce the
many necessary info on the corporation. Time-span prudent article is usually
far more prolonged when compared with press release. The press release is
usually put together in three hundred expression where as an article needs bare
minimum 500 words. Press release can get more traffic easily rather than

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Article and press release directory


A press release is your “ticket to publicity,” this is according to the Small Business Encyclopedia. But it is vital for small businesses issuing press releases to know the difference between a news article and a press release. Though they are both used to describe a newsworthy topic, they are actually different.

A “press release” is an official statement about a specific newsworthy matter or event. A press release that is well-written, well-timed can get the said news in an enormous amount of publications and places online. This is particularly vital for small businesses because the more press releases written about you and your business, the higher your chances of appearing in different media outlets.

A “news article” can be about just any topic that seems to be newsworthy. Generally, news articles don’t talk about a single current event but somewhat a subject in detail while a press release normally focuses on one particular subject like for example, a grand opening.

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