The application “EPSON Scan” could not be launched

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I install EPSON Scan driver in my system now I want to scan my documents but when I try to scan any thing by this scanner then I receive this error. Error describe about share library. Please tell me what is this and how can I resolve it so that I can scan my documents.

Application Launch Failure

The application “EPSON Scan” could not be launched because of a share library error: “<EPSON Scan><EPSON Scan><TWAIN Source Manager.Shlb><>”

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The application “EPSON Scan” could not be launched



Many people using Epson face this nuisance which of course can be solved using proper methods.

First start with restarting the computer. If it’s a minor error this will solve your problem.


If this doesn’t work for you; download the EPSON Scan Uninstaller from the Epson website. Then run it and re-install the software. This might solve your problem


If the problem is still there, uninstall the program again. Then reinstall it from the company website. Next you have to download

then copy “libraries/TWAIN source manager.shlb” out of the disk image, TWAIN for Mac OS XSDK.dmg.bin to “MacintoshHDsystemlibraryCFMSuppport”.

If there’s any existing file overwrite it. This should solve your problem

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The application “EPSON Scan” could not be launched


The workaround to that issue will be to uninstall any Epson Scan software that you have installed on your computer, and thereafter you will need to uninstall it, but the make sure that you do the reinstallation using the latest available version.

You may need to take note that you may experience issues while using EPSON Scan in case you have installed more than one version of its software application on your computer, and therefore you will need to check your system if there is such a situation and rectify it. if you have more than one Epson scanning product on your system, for instance, at least one All-In-One and one scanner then you will need to get rid of one and use one that is relevant.

-Clair Charles


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