Apple TV not syncing on my computer

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Hi friends,

I have got a lot of problems with my old PC, that's why I decided to buy a MacBook. Everything else is working, except the fact, that my Apple TV is not syncing on my new MacBook. I've been troubleshooting for a couple of days now and I feel like giving up. 

I always get this “ is not responding. Check that any firewall software running on this computer has been set to allow communication on port 3689." My firewall is already off.

Do you have any solutions? I'm not really sure what else I can do to eliminate this problem.

Thank you.

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Apple TV not syncing on my computer


Verify that you have the latest version of iTunes installed.

Verify that you have the latest version of the Apple TV software installed.

If you're using Mac OS X v10.6, make sure that you have Bonjour Update 2010-001 or later installed. (You need to restart the computer after installing this update for it to take effect.)

Verify Apple TV is powered and properly connected to your television and you can navigate the Apple TV interface.

Verify Apple TV is properly connected to your network and the network is properly configured. When configuring Apple TV, if you do not see your wireless network, exit the selection screen by pressing the Menu button then go back in and the software will re-scan.

You can't stream and sync from different computers at the same time. If you have configured Apple TV to stream from another iTunes library, Apple TV won't be available in iTunes. Go to the Sources menu on Apple TV and select the computer you're trying to sync from.

Verify network connectivity on Apple TV by playing a movie trailer in Movies > Trailers.

Verify that the computer you are using can access the iTunes Store.

If you're using Apple TV in a school or office environment, make sure Apple TV is on the same network segment as your computer or else iTunes won't see Apple TV.

Good luck

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Apple TV not syncing on my computer


I am having exactly the same issue. I've rebooted everything multiple times, ran test after test after test, restored the Apple TV to factory settings and upgraded the software, etc.

Yeah, since they had me upgrade to the 8.1 I have had multiple problems too. Don't ask their tech guys for help because their knowledge is no existent and they tend to compensate by being hugely aggressive on the phone. This is, I think, customer service.

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