Anyone who is going to help to configure wxWidgets!?

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I have got installed wxWidget v2.9.4 and CodeBlocks v11.12

I have installed CodeBlocks, directory= "D:Program FilesCodeBlocks"
and wxWidget, directory="D:Program FilesCodeBlockswxWidgets-2.9.4"

I want to build wxWidget with the MinGW compiler included with CodeBlocks. I tried to use the technique found on

But it didn't work. How I am going to build wxWidget using the MinGW?

Please help me.

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Anyone who is going to help to configure wxWidgets!?


Hello Ruby

First of all you must be sure that you followed all the steps required in order to build the Widget. Second of all, after you compiled it, please go to samples/minimal subdirectory and type make -f makefile.gcc -n.

This will show you the commands used.

Please reinstall mxWidgets, and after this, follow the instructions from the link I have provided you with, and you will be able to build the wxWidget using MinGW.

wxWidgets libraries packages

I hope you will find this information useful.


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