Anyone help me in watermarking csv files ?

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Dear friends

I want to watermark the CSV files, but no one in my friends, colleagues and family could guide me. Can anyone help me in watermarking csv files ? I shall be thankful if you write step by step process.

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Anyone help me in watermarking csv files ?


Hello Alice,

There are two methods to watermark a .CSV file: with WordArt or with a picture in a header:


1. Assuming you are using Excel, click on Insert, Text and then WordArt

2. Choose the style of WordArt you would like to display (example – Gradient Fill – Blue, Accent 1)

3. Type in the text you want to use as your watermark (example – Draft)

4. To change the font size, right click on the WordArt text, choose Font, then enter a number for the Size

5. You need to change the transparency of the watermark so that it is visible, but in the background.  To do this, right click your WordArt text, choose Format Text Effects.  In the Text Fill category, choose Solid Fill, and choose the color of your choice.  You will then drag the Transparency slider to the percentage of transparency you wish.

6. If you want the text to read in a different direction – such as diagonally – drag the rotation handle of the WordArt text to rotate the text.

Picture in a Header

1. You will need a picture of the text you want as your watermark, such as Draft, or Secret, or Confidential, saved on your computer.

2. Click on Insert, Text then choose Header & Footer.

3. On the Design Tab, choose Picture, find the picture you want to use as your watermark, click it, then choose Insert.

4. To see what the watermark actually looks like, click on a cell on the worksheet.

5. If you would like to re-position the watermark, click into the header box, put your cursor before the &[Picture], and press Enter a few times.  Depending on where you want your watermark to show, especially if you are printing, you may need to try this a few times to get the positioning just right.

Best of luck Alice

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