Anyone can tell me what the process RAID Device and Mount Point?

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Redundant Array of Independent Disk is known as RAID. Basically RAID disk drive frequently used on server but for home or personal computer it is not important. We know RAID Device and Mount Point is important & it need.

Anyone can tell me what the process RAID Device and Mount Point?

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Anyone can tell me what the process RAID Device and Mount Point?


Dear Yogesh,

Explaining the process, RAID is a very long topic, BUT I will try to summarize the same:

As you have correctly mentioned “RAID basically is” redundant array of independent disks” OR in the start it used to be called “Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks”.

The multiple disks used in RAID appear to the operating system as only SINGLE logical disk. This process uses a method called disk striping, which means spreading of data in several partitions spread over different disks (32 disks maximum currently)

This process is required to develop and address and increase the fault tolerance, and the mean time between failures.

There are about nine types of RAID:

·         RAID 0, which you already showed in your question, but this does not have any redundancy option

·         RAID 1, which consist of at least TWO disks, and works as mirroring one disk to the other, but have NO striping

·         RAID 2, this type has the disk striping with some disk storing error checking

·         RAID3,this type use disk striping with dedicated one disk for storing  parity

·         RAID4, this type uses large stripes, and we can read records  from any single drive

·         RAID5, This type includes a rotating parity array, and differs with RAID 4 by addressing the write limitation exist in RAID4

·         RAID6,this type is same as RAID5 but include a second parity scheme

·         RAID7, This type includes a real-time embedded operating system as a controller, caching via a high-speed bus

·         RAID10, this is a combination of RAID 1 and RAID 0, as such called RAID 1

And then there is RAID 50, (Combination of RAID 5 + 0), and so on like RAID53 etc.



Mount point is basically a directory or file at which a new file or directory is made accessible. In RAID, a mount point is needed for the I/O to look for the different files or directories in different partitions or disks.



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