Data Loss Prevention Best Practices To Prevent Private Data Become Public.

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Over the last few years, we came to hear about the companies data loss, stolen or leaked.This loss caused huge damage to the company in millions of dollars. What did the companies do to prevent the mistake to repeat? What are the data loss prevention best practices?

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Data Loss Prevention Best Practices To Prevent Private Data Become Public.


We have heard about companies paying for their data loss. As the saying goes, every coin has two sides, technology has made our life comfortable, but cyber crime is the con.Data prevention is a must.

1) Identify your data which should be protected: Define the confidential data to be protected. To identify it, companies use a product that is called fingerprinting. Each piece of data has a particular fingerprint.

2) Rules to protect the data: After deciding what to protect, rules are defined to keep the information safe.

3) Data flow: You need to see the destination and source for your data. You must be well known with the path of your data.

4) Implementation of data loss prevention successfully:

DLP products are there for making your task easier. You need to keep the following things in mind for the success of a DLP:

• Before purchasing, you need to know about the data which needs protection.

• Check if the DLP product is capable of supporting the format in which data is stored.

• The implementation should start with a small base to prevent the false positives. With time you can increase the base.

• The profiles must be updated regularly.

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