Animation to the Bullets in PowerPoint

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I am using PowerPoint 2010 and I am trying to find a way so I can add animation to all the bullets on a presentation so it can appear when clicking. First I am highlighting all and clicking ‘appear’, but then I had to click ‘Animation panel’ and do another setting with ‘appear on click’. Is there another way I can solve this problem? And another thing: is there a way in which I can see 1st order bullets appear on clicking, and the second and third order to appear all at once?

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Animation to the Bullets in PowerPoint

Hi there Wayne J Olive,
The easiest way to animate the bullets is to select each one of them and then go to the animation tab where you'll be able to choose the type of the animation you'd like. Unfortunately, there is no way to make it simpler. The same goes for showing the rest of the bullets the way you'd like – you'll have to choose each one of them and then set up the animation and timing. I would suggest you to visit this quick tutorial, just in case if something's not clear:
Another thing you can do to make the job easier – you can try and search for some free PowerPoint templates that already have bullets animated the way you'd like.
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Drake Vivian
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Animation to the Bullets in PowerPoint



As I understand, you want to select one animation scheme for all bullets,
and u want to  make it work on all bullets appear one by one by a single click.

Here is a solution for you.

  1. Try to use placeholder instead of text box.
  2. It is easy, when you select new slide, by default there is a placeholder in your new slide. Even if you select blank slide u can also insert placeholder.
  3. The following link contains adequate instruction for that Inset placeholder
  4. You can watch this video also.
  5. Now type your bullet contents.

And finally add the animation scheme to placeholder not to the bullets. Here is another link to Animate.

Saptarshi Rudra

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