Android features that can be considered advantageous over the iPhone

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What are the Android features that would be considered user friendly than iPhones? Will the iPhone iOS 6 overcome the overall performance of Android features?

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Android features that can be considered advantageous over the iPhone


Hello Mr. Fleming, here is a list of pro and cons of an Android phone vs. an iPhone.


iPhone – uses Safari only and does not do Flash.

Android – uses different browsers and loads pages faster than Safari and has Flash support.


iPhone – uses icons

Android – uses widgets (widget allows you to update your status on twitter, FaceBook, call people, and see your email right from your phone.)

PC Connection:

iPhone – you need an iTune account to manage your phone to add music and other files.

Android – you have a SD card that can be mounted using drag and drop method to add music and other files.

Multi – notification:

iPhone – only has a single system and not all applications have access.( if you wanted to read a email you would have to log into your email address to see your emails.

Android – Has a notification bar that allows you to be notified when you have new emails, twitter and FaceBook updates.

Endless personalization:

iPhone – you use only the personal effects Apple wants you to use.

Android – you can make endless screens for every program for example FaceBook, Twitter, texting, contacts, calendars, etc.


iPhone – you have to enter a password every you install anything

Android – for the applications that you have to purchase you only have to enter the information once

Google integration:

iPhone – does not have

Android – Has Google search and Google voice

Open Source:

iPhone – no

Android – great opportunity for future developers to aid Android's developers

Open to carriers:

iPhone – AT&T

Android – a wide various list of carries (T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon wireless)

It finally looks as if the iPhone iOS 6 is trying to win in the overall performance of Android features. The upgrade is free and easy and can be wireless applied on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. New features for maps, Siri can under more languages, kept up with current sport scores, works with voice command, better interacting through social network, sharing photos by just tapping the share button, and you have the option to send a call to voicemail or reply with the message by using the do not disturb feature.

A feature everyone loves is the find my phone. This feature allows you to lock your device if its missed place and while it is lost your phone will report back to you until it is found. This feature is also used for finding my friends. You can get locations of friends and family once the let their location be known. It can be use to located when your kids leave to and from school or home. The best way to keep track of your love ones.

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Android features that can be considered advantageous over the iPhone


Hello Bob,

As of today, both iPhone and Android continues to redistribute on better hardware. And both of them have so many exciting new features and improvements. But it is really a question of who among them is better to use. There are many angles on comparing the two. I found an image that describes the features of each one. Take a look at the screenshot below:

As the overall result, it’s obvious that Android is leading. But it is still depends on the level of the user who will use the two. As for me, I find iPhone more user-friendly than Android devices, but I like the overall features of Android rather than iPhone. 


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