All about turning on num lock with LogMeIn.

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Hello everybody,

All about turning on num lock with logmein. Logmein is the one best describes remote access from one computer to another devices, I am just curious on the process of connecting to another computer and turning on num lock with logmein. I need your answers.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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All about turning on num lock with LogMeIn.



Dear Travis

I have read your question and I agree with you that log me in is one of the best remote access software, that connects, manage and support devices everywhere.

The log me in software has many products such as log me in pro, Log me in Central, Log me in free, Log me in rescue and each products has different features that allow you to fully access the other computer


Now you want to use the NUM lock with log me in but you haven’t specify where you want to use it on your keyboard or on the client computer keyboard.

If you want to use that key on your keyboard it is easy, but you have to make sure that the keyboard feature is not disabled and to verify that:

1-Log in your account at log me in website

2-Click main menu, click preferences then general

3-Look for mouse and keyboard priority under interaction

4-Select remote user then click applies, so you would be able to type anything on your keyboard

Now you won’t be able to type anything on the other computer’s keyboard because this is not software it is hardware and this computer should only type on the keyboard

Yet, since you can control only the computer software then if they have a virtual keyboard or any other software that shows the keyboard on the desktop then you can press the NUM lock yourself using this keyboard.




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