An error occurred attempting to expand Parallels Desktop 4

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Hello all,

An error occurred while I am attempting to expand Parallel Desktop 4.0. For your information I have Stuffit expander installed in my computer. And also I tried to install the application using Stuffit expander. How will I install the Parallel Desktop? Is there any other method to install? Stuffit is not compatible with Parallel Desktop? Please explain me in detail. Thank you.

An error occurred attempting to expand / Volumes/Parallels Desktop 4/Install.mpkg

A folder was specified when a file was required (Error #17530)

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An error occurred attempting to expand Parallels Desktop 4


Normally, when installing any application on Mac OS X, the installer or the format of the installer is usually in DMG. An MPKG file such as yours, “install.mpkg”, is also an installer and is only distributed in the form of an MPKG file. This format of the installer can’t be installed that easily as with a normal DMG file.

Because an MPKG installer needs to be installed using an installer. Actually, you can just double-click on the file to install it on your computer and see what happens afterwards. You don’t actually need to expand or extract it using Stuffit Expander since it will only extract the contents of the file and nothing will happen after that.

It will not install the file once it extracts its contents. The easiest way to install an MPKG installer is to run it with the “installer” command but you need to do this in the terminal window. Open Finder in the dock then go to Applications, Utilities, and double-click Terminal. Next, type the following in the terminal window:

  • sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/someapp/someapp.mpkg -target /

Just replace “/Volumes/someapp/” with the actual path of the MPKG installer and “someapp.mpkg” with the actual filename of the MPKG installer.

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