All about the floppy image dos.

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Hello Experts,

All about the floppy image dos. Does dos as a programming language can create a floppy image? I was just wondering how can it be performed. Are you guys can give me a way on how to know the proper way of performing this kind of program, well just to feed my curiously.

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All about the floppy image dos.


Hi Curtis Marry,

DOS is not a programming language it is a Disk Operating system. DOS can be used to create the floppy Image. To make a image file of floppy using MS- DOS just follow the following step-

1. Insert floppy into the floppy Drive.

2. Right click on the floppy and chose "create an MS-DOS Startup Disk".

3. Delete all other data except IO.SYS,, and MSDOS.SYS present inside the floppy.

Image is the exact a bit map of another disk or storage medium. A disk image is usually created by creating a complete sector by sector copy of the source medium.

Thanks for sharing your question with us.

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