All about buffalo router lock router password.

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Hello experts,

All about buffalo router lock router password. I saw this buffalo router in my room and I just set it up to my computer, but after a week there are some changes that occur the download speed was lessen. I think there are other users who are accessing my wireless internet connection.

Can you give me some idea on how lock router or put password?

Thank you.

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All about buffalo router lock router password.


Hi Mellisa Wright,

I have seen a lot of possible solutions with your concern, but I decided to just  attach the links of the sites that give a step-by-step procedure in setting up a password in a buffalo router. Kindly check the link below:

Columbia: Buffalo AirStation Setup: Buffalo AirStation WHR-G125

YahooUK Answers: How do u reset my password on my buffalo router so I don't get anyone piggy backing on my internet.?

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All about buffalo router lock router password.

Wireless Router settings:
With a CAT5 cable hooked to the router; open a browser; in the address bar type 192.168.X.X (look in user manual for exact address for administration interface address) & find the Settings for Security (or similar):
Set for WPA (or WPA2 if your computers support this level) & AES.
(Use WEP only as a last resort).
Turn off 'SSID' broadcast (be sure to give your router a new name (nothing obvious!) & write it down; it will be needed to 'Add' your wifi network);
Disable: UPnP & QoS (unless using VoIP or gaming);
Enable: Router management username & bulletproof passphrase (not the same as Internet access password, which would be the PSK (pre-shared key)).
PSK's should be over 7 characters; letters & numbers (mixed), not words.
Put this # on tape & put on the top of the router for easy access.
Computer settings:
If you're using Windows to configure your Wifi, go to Control Panel> Wireless Network Connections> Wireless Networks tab; here you'll need to identify all wifi networks your system 'sees', and "Add" your newly named network which will NOT show unless you do; then for your own (or preferred) network, highlight it, then 'move up' to the top of the list: then, go to 'Advanced' button, tick 'access points only' and uncheck 'Automatically connect to non-preferred networks'>close> OK
THANK YOU !!!!!!!

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