Airport utility cannot “see” airport extreme to expand network

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I have a wireless network set up using a time capsule which is connected to the cable modem and I have a separate airport extreme base station in another part of the house that does not receive a strong signal. Everything was working perfectly until our cable service was interrupted for 1 day, and when the system was back up and running I had some issues with the internet IP addresses which I thought I resolved 

I do now have a signal on the time capsule, but I cannot get the airport extreme to show up in a utility in order to configure it to work as part of my network. I have reset it MULTIPLE times – using factory reset method. to no avail

I have it connected to the computer via Ethernet cable and still cannot see it in airport utility – flashing amber light. The time capsule is about 1 to 1/2 years old, and the extreme is 1 year old. Any suggestions???

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Airport utility cannot “see” airport extreme to expand network



Hi there

This seems to be a very common issue that everyone faces once the line is disturbed. From what I can see is that the time capsule is working perfectly fine, there seems to be a problem with the airport extreme.

There are a few basic steps that we have to perform before we could narrow down the issue.

Please do follow all the instructions that I am going to provide you.

1. I want you to do a power cycle of the airport extreme,  in order to do this you need to switch off the airport  extreme and then disconnect all the physical connections, leave it for a while and then you can plug it back.

2. Now restart the computer or the device that is connected to the airport extreme and then once the system is up, try to connect to the device.

3. Even after performing the above steps and you are not able to get connected, the next best option is to connect the modem, direct to the computer and then try to go online.

4. Even if this is not working then there seems to be a problem with your Data provider and the Network connection has to be reconfigured, if in case you have detailed information on the user configuration, please do let me know so that I can help you proceed further in how to configure the account information to your PPPOE connection on the modem.

5. Also please do check the IP address once you connect the modem cable directly to the computer, and check that you have a valid IP that is not or

6. If the problem is with the modem connection then your service provider will help get the issue resolved.

Please do try all the above steps, in case you find an y difficulties, please do revert back and i can help you better.


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