After effects having problem with specific plug-in

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Hoping for help,

Anyone could help me with this problem. I am receiving run time error when I try to render a composition with my project.

I was not rendering TIFF but only there is sequence of PNG and rendering it to another PNG sequence.

How may I solve this?

Thanks a lot in advance. 


After Effects: AEGP Plugin TIFFIO: Error Reading TIFF Header

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Thanks for all your help.

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After effects having problem with specific plug-in



This problem can be solved easily. It is a tool in graphics design or Photoshop. It helps you to select a particular area with same format and give you that opportunity to go and edit that particular area. It is a small file in Photoshop library.

When you install some similar application program in a same time then uninstall one program, this problem occurs. Similar application share similar file they have and uninstall one program can take that similar file with it.

In order to solve this problem you need to install plug-in. You can easily find this plug-in on internet. Installing missing plug-in will solve this problem. You may need to restart your computer after that.

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After effects having problem with specific plug-in


I some suggestions that could help solve this problem:

  • First simply try re-rendering the still frames to the proper folder, because sometimes copy pasting with windows explorer renders files corrupt, resulting in such errors.
  • Second check for the flaky files in your renderings, even one flaky file among thousands can cause this issue while rendering with Adobe after effects.
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After effects having problem with specific plug-in


When Adobe After Effects throws you this error, it indicates a problem with the TIFF header. It means the first few bytes of the file are either in the wrong format or damaged. When the file has damaged headers, determining the right interpretation for the data contained in the file is not possible. There are several reasons why this happen.

One is if the file was not saved properly. It can happen if the file was saved on a network drive and it got damaged because of too much traffic. Another reason is if you save the file on a faulty hard drive. This problem is actually tough because there are no programs that can open such files with damaged headers.

Some tools will allow you to re-interpret the data or may even attempt to reconstruct the headers from the data chunk but this doesn’t guarantee that it will work. The only way you can actually fix it is to create the file again from scratch.

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