Advantage of Apple OS Software

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What are the advantages of Apple OS software that would make it a user friendly and would help the user in terms of photo enhancing, movie editing and browsing online?

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Advantage of Apple OS Software


These are the benefits of Apple OS Software in terms of:

Photo Editing

  -Import and organize your photos.
  -Getting Started with iPhoto
  -Importing Photos From a Digital Camera
  -Manage Your Photos Using Events
  -Organize Your Photos Using Faces
  -Organize Your Photos Using Places
  -Add Keywords, Ratings, or Flags to Your Photos
  -Find Your Photos
  -Edit and improve your photos.
  -Crop Your Photos
  -Rotate or Straighten Your Photo
  -Reducing Red-Eye
  -Enhance Your Photos with one Click
  -Fix Photos That Are Too Dark or Too light-weight
  -Brush Out or Retouch drawback Areas
  -Applying Photo Effects
  -Share your photos.
  -Email Photos to Friends and Family
  -Create and Share a Slideshow
  -Publish Your Photos to FaceBook
  -Print Photos at Home
  -Create Your Own Photo Book
  -Create Your Own Cards
  -Create Your Own Calendar

Movie creating

  -Import, organize, and edit video.
  -Getting Started with iMovie
  -Importing Video From Your Camera
  -Enjoying and Organizing Your Video
  -Marking Your Favorite Video
  -Stabilize Shaky Video
  -Trimming Edits Between Video Clips
  -Adding Photos to Your Movie
  -Enhance your movies.
  -Adding Background Music to Your Movie
  -Adding Titles to Your Movie
  -Cropping and Rotating Your Video
  -Adding Transitions Between Video Clips
  -Adding Theme Titles and Transitions
  -Adding Sound Effects to Your Movie
  -Add Video Effects
  -Adding a Voiceover to Your Movie
  -Slow Down, Speed Up, and Reverse Video
  -Create Picture-in-Picture Effects
  -Add Animated Travel Maps
  -Record and share movies.
  -Record Video together with your Built-in iSight Camera
  -Publish to YouTube

Web Browsing:

-Designed with the Mac in mind, Safari emphasizes browsing, not the browser. In new full-screen read, the browser frame is merely a pixel wide, and you'll be able to hide nearly the complete interface if you select. thus there’s nothing to distract you from an editorial, video, or photo album. Navigating web content is straightforward with new trackpad gestures; flip through web content with a swipe, and double faucet or pinch the trackpad to zoom in on text or pictures. Safari conjointly options Reader, that allows you to peruse articles sans annoying ads. Don’t have time to end what you’ve started? Reading List allows you to save links to articles and different web content for later, and iCloud keeps your Reading List up thus far across all of your devices. Since pages render quick in Safari, you won’t miss a moment of the net.

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