Adobe Reader Plug-In For Chrome- For Professionals

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Hi. I want to use adobe reader plug-in for chrome. However, whenever I try, it gives me an error saying “plug-in” not supported. How can I go about solving the problem? How can acrobat be used as default PDF viewer in Google chrome? Please do reply.

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Adobe Reader Plug-In For Chrome- For Professionals


Hi. With the growing popularity if Chrome, I have been receiving a lot of questions related to adobe reader plug-in for chrome lately. To use adobe reader as a default viewer in Google Chrome, you first need to turn off the built-in plug-in PDF viewer of Chrome. To turn off the plug-in follow the below given steps-

1) Adobe Reader needs to be installed

2) Open the browser Google Chrome

3) Then, type about:plugins in the address bar of the browser

4) After the plug-in tab opens, scroll down to Adobe Reader>Click on enable

5) Click on plug-ins and restart the browser

You can also get a print of an electronic PDF which supports searchable text if you have adobe already installed on your PC by following the steps as given-

1) Open Google Chrome

2) Navigate to the web page to be printed

3) CTRL+P opens the print review window of Chrome

4) There will an option saying “print using system dialog” which needs to be selected in the lower left corner of the screen.

Hope we helped.

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