Adobe easy stamp creation help?

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Could anybody help to create an adobe easy stamp? I think I have already set up Identity Preferences and all but from there, I do not know the next steps. I've tried doing it but it didn't work. Also, I want to learn how to edit them, so please help!

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Adobe easy stamp creation help?


Follow these steps:

  • On the Commenting tool-bar, click the arrow next to the Stamp tool to open the drop-down menu.
  • Choose "Create Custom Stamp" from the options, then the Create Stamp dialog box will open.
  • Click on "Select".  In the next dialog box, locate the file that you want to use for the stamp.
  • Click "Browse".  Then navigate the Browse dialog box to "tom.tif" and click "Select".
  • The image will then be displayed in the Sample window.
  • Close the Select dialog box by clicking "OK", then go back to the Create Stamp dialog box.
  • Next, type "Authors" in the Category field.
  • Type "Tom" in the Name field, click "OK", then the dialog box will close and save the new stamp.

For further instructions and tutorials, you can use the PDF in this site:

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