Add Evernote to my WinMo Client

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I am an ex-Palm head looking into Evernote as a substitute for Outlook notes as my notes were shamefully neglected on WinMo by Microsoft.  My notes were organized categorically and this translates nicely into a Tag on Evernote for Windows. However, the WinMo client appears to be unable to sort notes by Tag which scuppers this. Is there any way for me to add this to the WM client?

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Add Evernote to my WinMo Client


Hallo Adam Thompson,

If you need to use your notes on the WinMo Client then I guess you have to look for the right evernote client for your device and then download it and install it.

Once you have installed evernote, you the transfer your files which you created and stored using outlook and then put them in the WinMo client. I guess copying the notes from outlook and pasting them in the WinMo client should work as a method of transfer.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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