Active Directory group policy objects at a glance

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. Hi. What are active directory group policy objects? For example, if I want to keep track of changes between policies and after that, restore to a specific version of a policy then how can it be done? Please provide simple steps to do so if there are any.

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Active Directory group policy objects at a glance


Active Directory group policy objects are settings which indicate what a system looks like and its behavior for defined users. It is connected with containers of Active Directory such as sites, domain, etc. If you wish to keep track of the changes between policies and restore to one of them, then you must take into consideration backing up the group policy objects by using the group policy management console. The steps for which are as follows-

1) Group Policy Management>Double-click on Group Policy Objects in the domain including the GPO of which you want a backup.

2) For backing up one GPO, right-click on the GPO>Backup

3) For backing up all GPOs, right-click on GPO>Backup all

4) When a dialog box of Backup Group Policy Object opens up, in Location, type the path where you wish to store the back up of GPO. Alternatively, you can also browse the folder.

5) Click on OK. 6) Enter a description for the GPO of which the backup needs to be performed and click on Backup in the space provided for the description. On completion, click on OK.

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