Track where the spam is coming from

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Our company is on MS Exchange 2007. We have a pool of staff that do research work for our company and have given them access to be able to download information.

We now have to deal with spam coming from our own network which I think originated from access given the these people.

I am thinking of quering emails now so I can track where the spam is coming from. Do know of an alert type of software that would alert me of mails from certain users?

Would really appreciate your help.

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Track where the spam is coming from


You can use a software that tracks the origin of the spam messages to help you know the source of the spam messages in your local area network. One such software is known as the Spam Slayer which will help you track the source of the spam mails.

Some of the most important things to note when working with such an application is that the spammers will often forge the headers of their email so that they will be able to avoid losing their accounts and also to be able to evade email filters. But the crucial thing is to have a mail reader which will be able to show you the full headers of an email in that you suspect to be a spam mail.

-Thompson Locker

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