Activating automatic replication on LN 6.5 server

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I am seeking your suggestions on how to activate automatic replication such that I only get the most recent mail in my inbox, let’s say mail for that particular month only. Those other messages from earlier on should be deleted. Please consider that we are using LN 6.5 in server and running LN 7.0.1 at our clients end. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Activating automatic replication on LN 6.5 server

  1. Open the mail database that you have used for this.
  2. Create a new agent. It will open a new pane in the window.
  3. From that pane box choose the following.
  4. Type the name of "delete emails" in the name attribute. This will be located in the BASIC.
  5. go to trigger events and select "ON event of action menu script". Actually this is the time when this trigger will be fired
  6. Do some other things and close the box. After that close everything else and close the program too.
  7. Now after you open the program again there is a trigger that is being made for this purpose.
  8. For other guidance go to this link

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