The action ‘Validate Configuration…’ did not complete.

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Hi People,

Following error occurs when I try to deploy VNC to a remote computer or when using built-in management tools.

Please help me to solve this issue.




The operation has failed.

The action ‘Validate Configuration…’ did not complete.

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The RPC server in unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x0800706BA)

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The action ‘Validate Configuration…’ did not complete.



Hello James,

Few things which I want you to check if not checked already.

1.    Check the firewall settings and see if the IP address has been allowed.

2.    Also enable the exception which says “Allow remote administration exception”.

3.    Check if the name of remote machine and the IP address is correct.

4.    Make sure that the RPC and WMI services are running on remote desktop.

After doing the above steps and the error is still not resolved then I would suspect that there is some issue with firewall and RPC ports needs to be modified.

How you can do this?

The answer is and search for Article number kb154596, which will guide you on how to configure RPC port with firewall.


Keaton Christopher



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