Need help on how to monitor sales per team/person

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I am currently managing a group of 30 sales personnel that has been divided into groups of three sales men resulting in ten groups. I am interested in monitoring the sales record of one particular item in a given month such that I can get a total sum of sales that each team was able to conclude.

Getting the total from each salesman in the team and arranging it in order is not a problem at all. But doing the same for each teams is giving me a headache. I want to have the total sum of each sale per team which is the sum of all sales of each person in that team.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

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Need help on how to monitor sales per team/person


I don't know that which software you are using in your business or in your departmental store so it is a bit difficult to address it. However there is a general algorithm or steps to do this thing which I will try to tell you the best I can.

First you said that you can record the sale of a particular item and then sum it up for each sales man is not a problem for you. Means that you are summing individual items. Lets say if you have 50 items then you have to sum 50 x 30=600 times, in that case I will suggest you to switch to something new.

Here my uncle own's a departmental store where there are 24 personnel working at different shifts in the store. What we have applied here is that we sum the total sales per team rather than of 1 individual personnel. This way we can determine the efficiency of each team regardless of that fact that maybe 1 member of a team is not that efficient but the whole team is performing well so it's not a headache

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