About Skype uses and install solution.

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Some days ago I have use skype; then I have setup Windows and then the Skype was deleted. But now I can't install Skype again. How can I reinstall it? Can you help me?

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About Skype uses and install solution.



We need to determine first if your computer still contains the downloaded file for Skype. By doing so, if you're using Windows Xp, click the Start Menu and select "Search. You will have to type in the word "Skype" and hit the Return key to start searching for the file. If it displays the result, search the word "SkypeSetup.exe" and double click it. It should run the installation and follow the instructions. If  by any chance it's not in the list, you will have to download the directly from Skype's Website. Visit www.Skype.com and Log-in using your original account. It will download the file "SkypeSetup.exe" automatically and you'll just have to wait for that. Once complete, double click the downloaded file and install Skype, you should be able to Access the application by double clicking the Skype Icon on the Desktop.

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About Skype uses and install solution.


You might delete only the shortcut on your skype and it was not uninstalled. To make sure that you have not yet uninstalled the previously installed skype, navigate your program files to look for the existence on your application. Skype is mostly found in "C:Program FilesSkypePhone” folder. If you found a Skype.exe inside that folder, this means that you have just deleted the shortcut.

To restore it, right click on the file the select Send To, then Desktop (Create Short Cut).

If you want to reinstall your Skype, go to “Add and Remove Programs” and remove the skype you found on the list. After removing, you can now install a new and fresh skype.

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About Skype uses and install solution.


Hello Kp85BD,

Installing skype is easy, though you will need to be a stable internet connection for it to be fast and successful. You will first need to get a skype installer, which you can download for free from the internet. Just Google for skype installer and then download and install it.
Once you have the installer, ensure that you are connected to the internet and then launch it.
The installer will look for skype online and install it.
The process might take some time, depending on how fast your internet is.
Wait on it to finish, and then set your login details when skype starts.

It is that simple.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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