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I have two hard disks in my CPU. One is primary and second is secondary. I have installed XP in primary but I want to install win 7 in secondary and use it separately as primary. Please help me to this problem.

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Installing two Operating Systems, is Known as Dual Boot Installation.

1. First unplug current XP hard drive. Then plugin and format new hard drive. Next install Windows 7 on new hard drive. Then plug in XP hard drive back. After that boot to Windows 7. Next install BCD and add an entry for XP in the boot manager.

2. Also you can install two Operating Systems for one Hard Drive. First create a partition for Windows 7 on the hard drive. Then physically unplug the drive that has Windows XP, and install Windows 7 on that partition you created for it. Once Windows 7 is installed, reconnect the windows XP drive

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Dear User,

You can install two operating systems easily into two different hard disks.

  • First, make sure that you have successfully adjusted the Jumper setting of your HDDs (if they are IDE).
  • Then First install Windows XP into your desired Hard Disk (Primary or Secondary).
  • After you’ve done with installation of windows XP.
  • Simply boot your system again with the windows 7 DVD or USB Stick.
  • In the installation process it asks for a partition to be selected for the installation.
  • You can simply select the other hard disk and proceed with the installation.

Thank you.

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