4GB RAM (2×2) and OS is Windows 7 64bits

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I recently added a third RAM of size 2GB into my Dell Optiplex GX620. The original specs had 4GB RAM (2×2) and OS is Windows 7 64bits. Bios check had detected correct installation of the additional RAM.

However, I couldn't get the Windows to run and it restarts itself right after the Windows Start-up screen. All three RAMs are of the same brand and size, specifically Kingston KVR800D2N6/2G. I'm really confused why the BIOS can detect them as okay and working but my Windows wouldn't start up.

I suspect this is with the operating system as it would seem to work fine when I remove the third RAM. Do you suggest I just switch to Ubuntu instead? Can anybody advise how to solve this problem?

Great thanks for the help!

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4GB RAM (2×2) and OS is Windows 7 64bits


Can you tell me what is the RAM size that you had previously on your system. 

These problems are quite common and these can be solved easily. First just do these things and check whether you are able to load the windows. Try to remove all the ram's that you have previously and try loading the OS with the newly installed RAM. If it doesn't load in then you need to see the system specs whether it supports the system or not. Just check the frequency and size of the new ram with the old ram and even the PCxxxx number matching for the both. It should match then only you will be able to get the installed RAM working.

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