3D Gaming is in for today’s generation?

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Gamers really love to play games.

But as of today's game generations, 3D games are very in and very acceptable to the gamers than 2Ds. Example of these 3D games that attracts gamers were HON, WOW, Battle of Realms, and a lot more.

What’s with the 3D games that gamers love?

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3D Gaming is in for today’s generation?


Hi Mjmeca,

I understand that you would like to know why gamers love playing 3D GAMES. These are facts gathered by heavy gamers playing those games you have mentioned.

REALISTIC: Can you imagine those 3D effects, realistic light, rivers, shadows being processed in real-time? Man that is totally awesome!!!

COOL FACTOR: Let's face it. The fact that you are playing 3D games means you are COOL because you are holding those gadgets and they are pretty COSTLY. And not everyone can afford to buy those stuffs. That's what makes you cool. If you play 2D, you ain't COOL because you are sticking to those crappy gadgets.

ANIMATION: It has advanced animations compared to 2D. The totally of the game is full of life. Imagine those birds flying, smokes, rivers, and more. It adds life to the game.

CAMERA VIEW: Now this is what I like! With the advance camera view you can rotate and move the camera looking for the opponent or whatever.

By the way Diablo 3 is out. You might want to try that! 😉

Keep me posted!


Prima Oist

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