1603.Error installing Windows Installer engine

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Hi TechyV!

I am getting an error message when I try to install the Media Portal Software  on my desktop PC.

I already have Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft visual C++ Redistributable package. Did I miss anything?

What previously installed programs might be causing the trouble?

Please help,

Thanks a lot.



  1603.Error installing Windows Installer engine. A

                  file which needs to be replaced may be held in use.

                  Close all applications and try again.


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1603.Error installing Windows Installer engine



To resolve this problem you must do like these important steps.  First of all click OK and continue the installation. If you face problem than use these points to resolve it. Check it here that do you have insufficient disk space, if yes than please increase the hard disk of you pc. If Temp directory is not clean than clean it properly. If a certain file is locked on the machine, so close all those applications running in the background and reboot your computer, again run the installation. At the end by  using Microsoft’s windows installer cleanup utility to remove traces of previous installations. This utility does not remove files installed by the installations, So there will need to remove it manually.

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1603.Error installing Windows Installer engine


Hi Estel,

Media Portal TV server has its own configuration and you have to configure it first and you can access it via desktop shortcut or the windows start menu > Programs > Team Media Portal > MediaPortal Server > TV Server Configuration. After that You have to configure also the TV settings for each client in the Media Portal Configuration Tool>TV

If you are a beginner here's the illustration:

You have to take note that Media Portal has its own separate Configuration Tool for all Configuration Settings other than TV server.

After setting Up the Media TV server, Scan the channels and Get EPG/TV GUIDE DATA, Record the setting.

Hope this may help you.


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