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Web Graphics

Web Graphics

Dear All Readers,

I need help. Browsing the net is really my hobby and in addition to that, I really like saving nice pictures from the internet to my computer.

I am using a HP computer that is operating in Windows XP,and my browser is an Internet Explorer.

Whenever I try to right click and save any image, be it JPEG or GIF file, it will not do it.

I even tried to open my Mozilla Firefox, AOL as well as my Google Chrome and all are posing the same problem.

What do you think is the issue?

How can I make it work again?

Please help.



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Hello guys,

I have some problem to built some good Graphics for my website. I want to know which software is the best for Graphics Design? Is it Adobe Photo shop, Illustrator, or what? I want to know is there any easy software to use, if it exists then please tell me. And I have some more things to know where can I find some tutorial to learn how to built good web Graphics.

Its really important for me as I need to built or design some graphics for my own website. To built or Design some quality Graphics I will need to learn how can I use some software. So its really important for me to know where to find some easy software or tutorials for those software. If anyone know about it please share it with me. Thanks.

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I am bemused on what is the best file format to use for images when using graphics.

I see a lot of sites now using PNG over JPG. When I check the file sizes, the PNG is slightly larger in size than a JPG.

What does the added value that gives over JPG for website images?

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I'd like to create an animated gif image for my website.

I tried doing it on my own but still nothing happens.

Please help.

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I'm trying to learn Photoshop and I've come across this file types. I know some, however I am not familiar with what to save with and when to save to. If someone can give me a brief description, I would gladly appreciate it.

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I want those Bing images appear as my wallpaper. I also want them to change when the Bing wallpaper changes. I've seen it on a friend's computer and I am envious. I know Microsoft office, but I am not sure how to do this. I am on windows 7 too.

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