How can i built some good Graphics for my website???

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Hello guys,

I have some problem to built some good Graphics for my website. I want to know which software is the best for Graphics Design? Is it Adobe Photo shop, Illustrator, or what? I want to know is there any easy software to use, if it exists then please tell me. And I have some more things to know where can I find some tutorial to learn how to built good web Graphics.

Its really important for me as I need to built or design some graphics for my own website. To built or Design some quality Graphics I will need to learn how can I use some software. So its really important for me to know where to find some easy software or tutorials for those software. If anyone know about it please share it with me. Thanks.

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How can i built some good Graphics for my website???


Photoshop is a raster graphic tool and Illustrator is a vector graphic tool. So each of them are used for two different purposes. Both are seems to be equal with their aspects, but you must remember the fact that the Photoshop is used for creating and editing photograph stuff and Illustrator is used for create and editing printing stuff.

First of all you must understand the difference between vector and raster.

Vector Graphics:  Based on mathematical equations.

Ex: Geometrical primitives (polygons, shapes, curves, lines and point)

Raster Graphics: Based on pixels with their color.

Ex: Photographs, scanned images.



Best for technical drawing/ illustrations

  • Fully editable

Best for real world pictures

  •  Fully editable picture environment details.

Small size

Large size

Resolution independent

  • No impact when resizing/ zooming

Resolution dependent

  • Impact when resizing/ zooming

So it will differ which software you have to use according to your requirement.

Photoshop – image processing and manipulation software. Ideal solution for edit digital images of photographs.

  • Picture adjustments

Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance, Levels, Hue/Saturation, etc.

  • Filter effects

There is vast number of effects which makes your picture as a stylized image.

  • Manual adjustments

Blurring, Burning, Sharpening, Dodging, Cloning, etc.

Illustrator – Functioning generally with curved paths so called as Beziers curves connected with editable anchor points. Used to create Logos, Brochures, Backgrounds, etc.

Points to remember

  • When using Photoshop try to make it bigger. It will help to reducing blurring of pixels occurred during resizing and zooming.
  • As Illustrator using mathematical calculations, there will be no difficulties arising when resizing and zooming. Always the image is clean and clear.

So this is the basic stuff about PS and AI. So decision is yours. You can use the tutorials provided from their main sites and

But remember, as you are going to work with the web, image size is more important. You must always use the feature ‘save for web’ in both software’s and check the kbps amount of the picture. If you are think Adobe is more advanced, try to use Corel Draw and Photo Paint. For a long time Corel Products has been a leader in the path of Vector graphics.

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How can i built some good Graphics for my website???


Nowadays there are many software which are used for graphic designing. From among them most people use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 and Adobe Creative Suite Design Standard 4. But in this case I recommend for you to use Adobe Creative Suite, which will be very much easier for you. Search for tutorial files in YouTube.

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